Sovereign Carbon

We are the ally of ocean nations
In financing their ecological transitions

The ocean is the world’s largest climate mitigator yet humans are decimating this precious resource at a time when we need it most.

To help reverse this trend, it is crucial for ocean nations to find a financially sustainable way to invest in environmental protection. And that’s NOAH ReGen’s sole mission. We aim to make environmental protection a resource for ocean nations – instead of a cost.

How? With a holistic, turn-key solution, that allows countries to identify and unlock new sources of income from nature-based protection – in both carbon and biodiversity markets. And then reinject those incomes to derisk private investments and empower the transition to a truly profitable circular economy.

We are already working to make this reality in Panama and Antigua and Barbuda.

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1. Co-create with ocean nations

Connecting with policy and lawmakers
to understand their specific needs
and support them in integrating the
climate emergency framework

2. Valorise their underwater resources

Use satellite data and AI
to help these nations accurately assess
the richness and value of their coastal
and marine ecosystems

3. Connect them to the global carbon market

Generate the highest quality
carbon credits and help nations
to sell or swap them effectively

4. Reinvesting the profits in local impact projects

Using the benefits from the previous
step to invest in already-vetted
local sustainability initiatives –
we are helping de-risk investment for private firms.

5. Trace the transition as it scales

Utilize our specialized blockchain-based
traceability platform to trace and assess
the entire funding cascade and its
environmental, social, and economic impacts

Do you work for a government? Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning how we can make our ecosystem work for your national goals

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