is now
The Blue Economy Growth
through ESG Climate Solutions

A net zero future for tourism

Kickstart the Blue Revolution

Ocean’s regeneration is the most important challenge humanity can’t fail,
otherwise, humans will be the next extinction

Life started in The Ocean

Earth is called
The Blue Planet because
71% is water

The Ocean is the main actor regulating the climate crisis! It is dying and absorbing far too much damage, so it is not enough to keep trying to protect it. There is an urgent need to kick-start NOW the global Ocean’s ReGeneration !

The Ocean produces up to 70% of the oxygen, absorbing at least 40% of CO2 emissions and heat, offering more than 70% of the proteins and hosting 95% of the biosphere.

of biodiversity
has not yet been discovered

BluEconomy Growth is key to anticipation, adaptation,
ReGeneration & political stability


Climate change is increasing population displacement to the shorelines & to mega coastal capitals


Climate change is resulting in sea level rise: shoreline floods could affect more than 570 coastal cities – 1.5 billoin people – increasing shoreline land-based competition, poverty, instability…


Coastal cities are going to face the most complex challenges: population growth, land-based competition, flooding, shoreline degradation, waste and sanitation management, among others.

To preserve Global Political Stability, governments must anticipate
the growing need for food safety, energy, transport, jobs, leisure & economic growth.


By 2055, population on earth will be around 10 billion (+20% than today)


50% of the global population will be living within 100km from the coast and mostly among mega coastal capitals


Migration routes are increasing shoreline degradation & coastal land competition

Ocean-based & BlueTech innovations are game changers, providing
solutions to anticipate the challenges & tackle climate change

Despite the fact that relatively few investments have been channeled to Blue Growth, the Blue Economy already represents the 2nd largest global economic sector and is expected to double by 2030.

A Blue Revolution is coming!

Seeding the Blue Economy ecosystem & connecting ESG finance to Blue Industries will dramatically scale up Blue Growth in coming decades.

NOAH is offering such an ecosystem!

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Press Release: How blockchain can help ocean states profit from their ecological transition

NOAH ReGen announced that it is creating a bespoke digital platform to track, measure, and notarize the impact of sustainable projects and investments – and it has chosen Crystalchain to develop the software.

This week at the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, NOAH ReGen announced that, together with their strategic technology partner Crystalchain, are building a first-of-its-kind platform leveraging blockchain to evaluate, track and measure the impact of investing in regenerative blue economy projects.

11 November 2022

Press Release: Antigua and Barbuda is pioneering a new way to fund its ecological transition

Today at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, NOAH ReGen announced it will help Antigua and Barbuda’s government finance its ecological commitments by unlocking new sources of revenue – such as carbon credits and opportunities in the Blue Economy-, developing a traceable and circular system of reinvestment into UN SDGs and the ability for the government to negotiate Debt-for-Nature swaps using part of the revenue.

9 November 2022

Blue Carbon Ecosystems for Regenerative Tourism

Coastal and maritime tourism plays a significant role in the economic prosperity of island and coastal communities, bringing jobs, investment and income. Besides the benefits of tourism development, there are also challenges such …

4 July 2022

The Future is BLUE and it’s Powered by Carbon

A revolutionary plan to unlock a multi-trillion-dollar Blue Economy will transform futures in some of the world’s most vulnerable nations

3 June 2022
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