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Ocean’s regeneration is the most important challenge humanity can’t fail,
otherwise, the next mass extinction will be the humankind.

Life started in The Ocean

Earth is called
The Blue Planet because
71% is water

The Ocean is the main actor regulating the climate crisis! It is dying and absorbing far too much damage, so it is not enough to keep trying just to protect it. There is an urgent need to kick-start NOW the global Ocean’s ReGeneration !

The Ocean produce up to 70% of the oxygen, absorbing at least 40% of CO2 emissions and heat, offering more than 70% of the proteins and hosting 95% of the biosphere.

of biodiversity
has not yet been discovered

BluEconomy Growth is key for anticipation, adaptation,
ReGeneration & political stability


Climate change is increasing population displacement to the shorelines & to mega coastal capitals


Climate change is resulting in sea level rise : shoreline floods could affect more than 570 coastal cities – 1.5bn people – increasing shoreline land based competition, poverty, instability…


Coastal cities are going to face the most complex challenges : population growth, land based competition, flooding, shorelines degradation, waste and sanitation management, among others.

To preserve Global Political Stability, governments must anticipate
the growing needs of food safety, energy, transport, jobs, leisure & economic growth.


By 2055, population on earth will be around 10 billion (+20% vs today)


50% of the global population will be living within 100km from the coast and mostly among mega coastal capitals


Migration routes are increasing shoreline degradation & coastal land competition

Ocean-based & BlueTech innovations are game changers, providing
solutions to anticipate the challenges & tackle Climate Change

Despite the fact that relatively few investments have been channelled to Blue Growth, the BluEconomy already represents the 2nd largest global economic sector and is expected to double by 2030.

A Blue Revolution is coming !

Seeding the BluEconomy ecosystem & connecting ESG finance to Blue Industries will trillionize Blue Growth in coming decades.

NOAH is offering such an ecosystem !

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The Future is BLUE and it’s Powered by Carbon

A revolutionary plan to unlock a multi-trillion-dollar Blue Economy will transform futures in some of the world’s most vulnerable nations

3 June 2022
UN General Assembly

A climate solution toolkit presented in UN General Assembly

Our Founder, Frederic Degret, was invited to take part as a speaker at the United Nations General Assembly on the 4th May 2022, to present NOAH as a solution to the climate emergency, and a contributor to the global transition of the tourism industry.

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11 May 2022

Panama : the pilot country for the United Nations Fund for Climate Neutral Tourism

As part of the COP26 in Glasgow, agreements were reached between the UNWTO, the government of Panama and NOAH to establish Panama as the first pilot country to support the implementation of the United Nations Fund for Climate Neutral Tourism. This is an innovative financing instrument promoted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to respond to the problems related to the climate crisis.

5 November 2021
This is just the Beginning

This is just the Beginning

One of the highlights of the closure of the summit was the presentation of the commitment to climate action for emission-neutral tourism. A pact signed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Noah Regen business group (Network of Ocean ambassadors) and the Latin American Federation of Municipalities (Flacma).


The agreement addresses the financing and commitment to carry out actions that the UNWTO wants to transfer to tourism in this “new agenda” for the recovery of the tourism sector based on sustainability and social inclusion. Zurab Pololikashvilli, secretary general of this United Nations agency, congratulated all the institutions and companies involved in the organization of a first edition of the forum that has been “successful”.

28 October 2021
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