Blue Carbon Lab

Technological Innovation
in service of the Ocean

Carbon sequestration in marine environments is an essential component in the fight against climate change. Blue Carbon is a research and development lab dedicated to delivering the solutions we need to build a realiable and scalable blue carbon market.

Satellite-Powered Scanning Solution

Current methods of auditing the seabed are very time-consuming and expensive. So we are developing a better system.

Our cutting edge, satellite-based method enables nations to profit from their ecosystems by mapping their natural worth. This seabed scanning system allows us to reveal untapped carbon sinks and monitor their effectiveness.

The first trial of our solution already took place in Formentera, Spain, measuring Poseidonia oceania using HD satellite multispectral images, which revealed an accuracy rate of 92 to 94%.

Blockchain-Enabled Traceability Tool

Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) is a crucial aspect of Blue Carbon projects because we must ensure they are truly additional and lasting. Still, current MRV methods are incredibly complex for users and opaque for investors, as well as the local communities where this projects take place.

This must change. And this is why we are developing a first-of-its-kind platform leveraging blockchain to evaluate, track, and measure the impact of investing in regenerative blue economy projects.

Together with our partner, Crystalchain, we will provide traceability information on the life cycle of clean projects for all stakeholders involved, with the use of custom-made dashboards. Our platform even allows the sale of sovereign carbon credits to be traced and goes beyond sequestration to include other key ESG components such as biodiversity and social impact scores.

ESG Impacts Traceability Platform

Blue Finance Matrix

This tool will allow nations to estimate the carbon sequestration potential of their national natural resources, and then the financial potential we could reinvest into the circular economy for a faster transition.

Our solution greatly reduces the complex estimation challenges and reporting backlogs and instead offers reliable, and consistent data streams that result in actionable insights.

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