The Digital Home Of The Blue Revolution :
A Global Ocean Trustchain (GOT)

Global Ocean Trustchain (GOT) is a nonprofit created to digitalize the global blue value chain and deliver exceptional services to its member entities and projects.

Enabling a global ecological transition requires us to reassess all of our infrastructure – including our information systems and professional networks. Data gaps and redundancies in areas such as planning, financing, and operations are slowing down ecological progress – particularly in the Blue Economy sector.

That is why we are building a solution. GOT will use distributed ledger technology (also known as blockchain) to radically improve our current system.

A decentralized network
Designed for Action

GOT is a digital enabler across the Blue value chain.

  • It building bridges between institutions, industry, academia, media, and finance.
  • Its Decentralized Governance using blockchain
  • Its technology bring visibility to alignment with sustainability goals
  • Allows stakeholders to benefit from big data insights
  • Allows the issuing of fully traceable certification labels
  • And much more.

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