Future of Politics Summit 2021 with Frédéric Degret

2 September 2021
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How can the collaboration between the public and private sectors shape politics in the future?

Speakers on the first day of the Summit, including Alexandra Cousteau and Juan Verde, shared key facts and urged action for ocean regeneration, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

Frédéric Degret presented NOAH in the Summit and shared what we have done in terms of collaboration between the public and private sectors. He highlighted the fact that governance needs to anticipate in order to keep political stability. The current climate crisis is pushing people to live near the coast and rising sea levels could complicate these conditions in the future.

Ocean based solutions are key game changers to aid the transition and it requires channelling funds to the Blue Economy, which we believe is a market that will double its size by 2030. A blue revolution is coming, and we believe it needs its own dedicated ecosystem to enable it to be more regenerative.

What NOAH is offering is the set-up of ESG interconnected platforms to bring the ecosystem for the public and private sector and kick start the blue revolution in a regenerative way.

We offer six platforms: i) the financial platform deals with a blue climate fund, an ESG carbon market place, and a carbon bank; ii) through the industrial platform, we connect the blended finance platform to concrete industries to empower clean tech and bring the solutions to cities and coastal communities; iii) together with the United Nations we are to set up the accelerator platform for sourcing blue R&D; iv) a digital platform is key for the collaboration between the pubic and private sectors; v) this ecosystem has more value with a certification platform that deals with a systematic and trusted impact measurement, vi) an advisory platform will be key

How can the collaboration between the public and the private sector shape the politics of the Future? We are talking about the impact of climate change, solutions like regeneration of biodiversity that leads to a circular economy, all that support political stability.

This is the challenge that humanity cannot lose, the public sector cannot do it alone and neither can the private sector. Providing solutions to regenerate our planet is a shared responsibility.

We believe that our digital platform can enable the private sector and public sector to collaborate.