Press Release: How blockchain can help ocean states profit from their ecological transition

NOAH ReGen announced that it is creating a bespoke digital platform to track, measure, and notarize the impact of sustainable projects and investments – and it has chosen Crystalchain to develop the software.

This week at the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, NOAH ReGen announced that, together with their strategic technology partner Crystalchain, are building a first-of-its-kind platform leveraging blockchain to evaluate, track and measure the impact of investing in regenerative blue economy projects.

11 November 2022

Press Release: Antigua and Barbuda is pioneering a new way to fund its ecological transition

Today at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, NOAH ReGen announced it will help Antigua and Barbuda’s government finance its ecological commitments by unlocking new sources of revenue – such as carbon credits and opportunities in the Blue Economy-, developing a traceable and circular system of reinvestment into UN SDGs and the ability for the government to negotiate Debt-for-Nature swaps using part of the revenue.

9 November 2022

Blue Carbon Ecosystems for Regenerative Tourism

Coastal and maritime tourism plays a significant role in the economic prosperity of island and coastal communities, bringing jobs, investment and income. Besides the benefits of tourism development, there are also challenges such …

4 July 2022

The Future is BLUE and it’s Powered by Carbon

A revolutionary plan to unlock a multi-trillion-dollar Blue Economy will transform futures in some of the world’s most vulnerable nations

3 June 2022
UN General Assembly

A climate solution toolkit presented in UN General Assembly

Our Founder, Frederic Degret, was invited to take part as a speaker at the United Nations General Assembly on the 4th May 2022, to present NOAH as a solution to the climate emergency, and a contributor to the global transition of the tourism industry.

Watch it
11 May 2022

Panama : the pilot country for the United Nations Fund for Climate Neutral Tourism

As part of the COP26 in Glasgow, agreements were reached between the UNWTO, the government of Panama and NOAH to establish Panama as the first pilot country to support the implementation of the United Nations Fund for Climate Neutral Tourism. This is an innovative financing instrument promoted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to respond to the problems related to the climate crisis.

5 November 2021
This is just the Beginning

This is just the Beginning

One of the highlights of the closure of the summit was the presentation of the commitment to climate action for emission-neutral tourism. A pact signed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Noah Regen business group (Network of Ocean ambassadors) and the Latin American Federation of Municipalities (Flacma).


The agreement addresses the financing and commitment to carry out actions that the UNWTO wants to transfer to tourism in this “new agenda” for the recovery of the tourism sector based on sustainability and social inclusion. Zurab Pololikashvilli, secretary general of this United Nations agency, congratulated all the institutions and companies involved in the organization of a first edition of the forum that has been “successful”.

28 October 2021

The Future of Tourism Summit 2021 – Barcelona

Watch the conference of Frederic Degret and the pictures of the signature during the “Call To Action”.

27 October 2021

Future of Politics Summit 2021 with Frédéric Degret

How can the collaboration between the public and private sectors shape politics in the future?

Frederic Degret presented NOAH in the Summit and shared what we have done in terms of collaboration between the public and private sectors. He highlighted the fact that governance needs to anticipate in order to keep political stability. The current climate crisis is pushing people to live near the coast and rising sea levels could complicate these conditions in the future.


2 September 2021

NOAH was invited by Panama nation

NOAH was invited by Panama nation to talk about the future of climat

2 September 2021