ESG Blue Ecosystem

NOAH is an integrator inviting strategic partners & institutions to benefit from a common ecosystem with a complete set of platforms to help boost the Blue Economy.

Each platform empowers the others

NOAH has direct access to a network of +40.000 companies, accelerators, communities, ports and financial institutions to join forces for the coordination, management & development of each platform.

All platforms are interconnected and have central governance, which allows to source the best CleanTechs, and set up the financing pipelines for their scale up and funding impacting projects.

The digital  certification platform ensures promotion linked to a trustable and transparent impact measurement certificate.

Discover the 6 ESG platforms

Financial platform

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No pre-distribution takes place until the key parties are confirmed, and documentation finalized and agreed by those parties.

Climate change is a problem affecting coastal areas (more than 50% of global population) with sea level rise already happening. We have caused the climate change.

We need to find a solution: investing into the best technologies and plantations to reverse climate change. NOAH has set up an ecosystem to boost the Blue Economy with ESG climate solutions.

The Blue Climate Fund, part of NOAH’s financial ecosystem, established:

A carbon blended finance market to unlock finance into ESG regenerative business models.

The E$G Carbon Marketplace was declared by the UNWTO a climate emergency tool to kickstart and accelerate the regeneration of the planet and will de-risk best projects with public funding and carbon tax.

Offsetters and polluters can access the most profitable projects with certified and scored impact in all 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations.


The Blue Climate Investment Ecosystem offers to set up multiple financial instruments and SPVs with central management to channel blended-carbon funding for the Blue Economy Revolution

Carbon Market place
Innovative Carbon
Financial Engineering
Carbon circular
impacting investment

World Premiere – Vision

Invest in E$G Carbon to offset your carbon footprint

Through the platforms’ ecosystem, NOAH is offering :

TO UNLOCK Carbon credit potential (Blue Carbon, Green Carbon, CleanTech Carbon)
from Countries / Corporates / Communities => Auditing, measuring, certification, emission

TO OFFSET Carbon Impact for Countries / Corporates / Communities / Individuals through carbon investment instead of a carbon tax

TO TOKENIZE into a E$G Carbon stable token => digital public Register for transparency, traceability and full impact score

TO INVEST the E$G Carbon Credit for de-risking impact investments and bring financing to disruptive projects
a- E$G Carbon Credit as CARBON EQUITY within the Blue Climate Fund: Junior tranche – 1st loss
b- E$G Carbon Credit as CARBON DEBT within the Blue Carbon Bank: collateral for debt
instruments (bonds, loans, warrants,…)

TO USE TRACKING tools to channel the E$G investments into a decentralized ESG circular economy.

“From Carbon Financing to ESG Investment.”