About NOAH

ESG Blue Ecosystem
for the Regeneration of the Planet

NOAH’s objectives

1. GLOBAL PICTURES 2030 : Setting up the legal structure and governances of 6 interconnected ESG platforms, one empowering the other.


3. Setting up a central governance & advisory, inviting symbiotic partners to coordinate & co-manage the ecosystem

4. Connecting funds from the Blue Value Chain with disruptive CleanTechs for the kickstart of the Blue ReGenerative Revolution

5. Migrating from an old exploitative and extractive paradigm to a new preservation and regeneration paradigm

6. Boosting the BLue Revolution

Kickstart the Blue Revolution in one decade

Boosting the Blue Revolution

Because of coastal territories need of adaptation, the Blue Revolution is coming. Among the sectors expected to drive significant growth, we believe that 4 BluEconomy sub-sectors are going to experience exponential growth, empowering each other.


Ocean-based renewable energy
production & storage
  • H2 (NOAH’s priority)
  • Floating solar farms
  • Offshore Wind & water stream turbines
  • Tidal & waves power converters
  • Geothermal and Ocean thermal energy…


Blue Digital & Fintech to coordinate
Blue Finance & the Value Chain
  • FinTechs & Sectoral Financial instruments
  • Carbon Trading
  • Impact measurement tools & Certification
  • Blue Big data
  • Outsourced experts platform (for DD, TA)
  • Projects sourcing
  • Blue value chain directories & Blue Media
  • E-commerce & crowdfunding…


Floating Structures to reduce land based
competition & adapt to sea level rise
  • Floating & Off Grid habitats (including NOAH’s Arks)
  • Carbon Movable ship-factories to support
    Cities waste management / sanitation
  • Floating Offshore structures
    (Logistic platforms for pax, goods, energy, farming…)
  • Expanded Marine Reserves with new tech surveillance and enforcement
  • Maritime Net Zero Carbon Transport (WIGs, boats, drones)…


Ocean-based Farming & BioMarine to feed
the world & regenerate biodiversity
  • Offshore farming
  • Marine reserves to restore fish stocks & protect biodiversity
  • Aquaponic / Aquaculture / Mariculture
  • Algae, Kelp & Sargassum production
  • Cargo vessels retrofitted as indoor farms
  • Ridge to Reef coral & mangrove restoration…

To anticipate such a blue revolution, NOAH ReGen is offering
to set up a holistic blue ESG ecosystem:

NOAH Regen is the central logo, and each platform is represented by an animal defended by natural causes and a color inspired by ESG Solution.

A complete solution for the BluEconomy exponential scale up.



NOAH’s is composed of 6 interconnected platforms that form the ESG Blue Ecosystem : A complete solution for exponential scale up of the BluEconomy

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